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Meet the band!


Matt's love for music started after buying the KISS album "Destroyer" and only widened from there with bands like the YES, The Who, Stone Temple Pilots, Led Zeppelin, and The Cars. Originally a guitarist, he made the switch to bass after realizing that good bass players were few and far between. After years of backup vocal duty, Matt decided to give it a shot and come out front. MOVING IN STEREO was the perfect chance to pay homage to one of his favs, the late Benjamin Orr.

Matt - Vocals and Bass

Danny started his musical career in the Cleveland area back in the 80’s in multiple bands, playing all genres of music. More recently, he was an original member of Cleveland dance band “Velvet Shake”, then portrayed the Demon in a local KISS cover band “Mr. Speed”. In addition to “Moving in Stereo”, he currently plays bass in a local rock trio, “Where’s Jimmy?”. Danny has been married to his wife, Jennifer since 1999, and is father to three. Hobbies include bowling and spectating anything Cleveland sports!

Danny - Vocals and Guitar

Cars and Guitars. The son of a race car driver, Bob grew up in his Dad’s garage, helping scrub parts while listening to Tommy James, Doors, and Turtles 8-tracks. After a tragic illness left his Father disabled, at 12 Bob picked up guitar and began the transition from a listener to a player. One of the first guitar solos he would ever learn note for note would be from The Cars “Just What I Needed”. Now, after 25 years playing stages from New York to St. Louis, it’s only fitting that he’s tasked with recreating the style and tone of Elliot Easton, and with it the challenge of being true to the “songs within the song” for Moving In Stereo. Bob is married to his longtime love Carrie, and together…have five amazing music lovers of their own.

Bob - Guitar and Vocals

Being the youngest of five, I had the opportunity to watch what my older siblings got into and see if I could mimic what they did. Well, one day when I was 4, a drum set came home and I was all over it. I would try to play all the songs I would hear at the numerous parties my brothers would have… When not playing in those days, cars were a family passion…car clubs, a ridiculous number of classics, and the cool music to cruise to. It didn’t get any better! Gearing up for high school literally started with a crash; severely breaking my arm and losing some range of motion. (FYI: duct tape is not just for race cars…it holds drum sticks to a full cast pretty well too) I participated in all the school music programs and traveled quite a bit with the percussion section. It wasn’t until the early ‘90s that I played my first paying gig with Steel Carnival and opening for a few national acts at that good old place near Kamm’s Corners; the entire musical experience was now etched and became a part of my life in some way. …hanging around with my siblings at the parties they had; I distinctly remember the music. There were two groups that stood out and The Cars were one of them. It is pretty cool to recall those memories while playing for the crowd. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Cheers!!!

Noah - Drums and Vocals

With over a quarter of a century of experience in bands in Europe and the US, Lars is one of the founding members of MOVING IN STEREO. He fell in love with Greg Hawkes' memorable hooks and syncopated synth lines which lead to the founding of Clevelands own 'The Cars' Tribute Band. He enjoys the challenge of recreating the original sound in every detail. Let the good times roll...

Lars - Synthesizer and Vocals

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