A Tribute to The Cars

The Cars were the most successful American new wave band to emerge in the late '70s. With their sleek, mechanical pop/rock, the band racked up a string of platinum albums and Top 40 singles that made it one of the most popular American rock & roll bands of the late '70s and early '80s. 

Moving in Stereo (TM) -  A Tribute to The Cars, recreates the sights and sounds of The Cars at the height of their powers! With a song list that spans the bands entire recording career, you're guaranteed to hear all of your favorite CARS hits! It'll move you...IN STEREO!

Song List

'The Cars' - 1978 
- Good Times Roll 
- My Best Friend's Girl 
- Just What I needed 
- I'm In Touch With Your World 
- Don't Cha Stop 
- You're All I've got tonight 
- Bye Bye Love 
- Moving In Stereo 
- All Mixed up 

'Panorama' - 1980 
- Touch And Go 
- Gimme Some Slack 
- Up and down  

'Heartbeat City' - 1984 
- Hello Again 
- Heartbeat City 
- Drive 
- Magic 
- You Might Think  

'Door to Door' - 1987 
- You Are The Girl 
- Strap Me In  

'Candy-O' - 1979  
-Let's Go  
-Since I Held You  
-It's All I Can Do  
-Night Spots  
-You Can't Hold On Too Long  
-Lust For Kicks  
-Got A Lot On My Head  
-Dangerous Type 

'Shake It Up' - 1981  
- Since You're Gone  
- Shake It Up  
- I'm Not The One  
- This Could Be Love  
- Think It Over 

'Greatest Hits' - 1985
- Tonight She Comes  

'The Lace' (Ben Orr Solo) - 1986  
- Stay The Night 

 'This Side of Paradise' (Ric Ocasek Solo) - 1986 
- Emotion in Motion



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