Moving In Stereo

The ultimate musical tribute to the cars

The Cars were the most successful American new wave band to emerge in the late '70s. With their sleek, mechanical pop/rock, the band racked up a string of platinum albums and Top 40 singles that made it one of the most popular American rock & roll bands of the late '70s and early '80s. 

MOVING IN STEREO: a tribute to THE CARS, recreates the sights and sounds of The Cars at the height of their powers! With a song list that spans the bands entire recording career, you're guaranteed to hear all of your favorite CARS hits! It'll move you...IN STEREO!

Song List

'The Cars' - 1978 
- Good Times Roll 
- My Best Friend's Girl 
- Just What I needed 
- I'm In Touch With Your World 
- Don't Cha Stop 
- You're All I've got tonight 
- Bye Bye Love 
- Moving In Stereo 
- All Mixed up 

'Panorama' - 1980 
- Touch And Go 
- Gimme Some Slack 
- Up and down  

'Heartbeat City' - 1984 
- Hello Again 
- Heartbeat City 
- Drive 
- Magic 
- You Might Think  

'Door to Door' - 1987 
- You Are The Girl 
- Strap Me In  

'Candy-O' - 1979  
-Let's Go  
-Since I Held You  
-It's All I Can Do  
-Night Spots  
-You Can't Hold On Too Long  
-Lust For Kicks  
-Got A Lot On My Head  
-Dangerous Type 

'Shake It Up' - 1981  
- Since You're Gone  
- Shake It Up  
- I'm Not The One  
- This Could Be Love  
- Think It Over 

'Greatest Hits' - 1985
- Tonight She Comes  

'The Lace' (Ben Orr Solo) - 1986  
- Stay The Night 

'The New Cars' - 2006  
- Not Tonight


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